Quality Seal in Digital Medical Education

Sello de calidad
This seal of «Quality in Online Medical Education» gives the user the complete and absolute guarantee that the contents and materials delivered comply with the principles and codes of ethics of online health by the Menntun organization.
  1. Medical direction and content: Any health information is created or supervised by Menntun’s professional health medical team. A Menntun doctor always reviews the contents before being published.
  2. Transparency: In cases where there are sponsors of the published information, the sponsors are duly identified and visible in independent areas outside the content.
  3. Independence: The information provided by the author is always independent and without bias.
  4. Confidentiality: the transmission of content and the information processed always respects the principles of confidentiality between patients, doctors and health professionals.
  5. Scientific support: When appropriate, any express content or information must have references and sufficient evidence to issue a recommendation.