Menntun together with the CCB offered the Virtual Medical Visit and Digital Marketing workshop

by | Nov 14, 2023

Menntun together with the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce offered the course “Virtual Medical Visit & Digital Pharma Marketing” aimed at the Pharmaceutical Industry cluster of the CCB. This is an event that continues to show Menntun’s commitment to online education and the empowerment and development of teams through technology, led by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, which invited us as its ally for this important activity. and that opens the doors to continue offering our experience and knowledge, over the years, in favor of the entire health-related community.

This workshop lasted 2 days where 350 people were trained on topics such as health and the digital doctor, virtual medical visit, digital marketing, recent challenges in times of COVID and an innovative approach to these challenges.

This activity is one of many that are expected to continue empowering and training teams of health professionals on issues related to their functions and the sector that stimulate the development and consolidation of new skills and abilities for the benefit of the entire community. community.